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Road Trip Time: 5 Great Driving Destinations for Your Mitsubishi Mirage

driving destinations for your Mitsubishi Mirage

For as affordable (under $15,000) and fuel-efficient (over 40 mpg) as the Mitsubishi Mirage is, owning this five-door compact car leaves you a lot of extra cash for travelling. The best thing to do in your Mirage—especially if you’ve purchased the redesigned 2017 model—is to take a road trip. Here are some great driving destinations for your Mitsubishi Mirage.

  • State park: Travel through beautiful scenery by looking for your nearest forest or park. Spend a day hiking and bring a picnic lunch.
  • Local speedway: Head out into the open country in search of a local dirt or paved race track that holds races on nights or weekends. Leave your Mirage in the parking lot while you enjoy the show!
  • Flea market: Do some second-hand shopping by taking your Mirage to an outdoor market and loading the trunk up with unique treasures.
  • Beach: Grab your swimsuits and drive along the coast of a body of water. When you see a public beach, pull over and dig your feet in the sand!
  • Orchard: Get away from the busy city and find a farm that allows you to pick seasonal fruits and vegetables. Bring back baskets of items you can eat on your drive home.