Anti-Lock Brake Systems: How Do They Work?

Most cars come with anti-lock brake systems; however, few people actually understand how these innovative safety systems work. Helping to stop you in a hurry without locking your brakes up, ABS is one of the most important developments in recent automotive history.

According to How Stuff Works, anti-lock brakes are composed of speed sensors, a pump, valves, and a controller. Although locking your brakes might sound good at first, this causes your wheels to stop spinning, forcing your car to slide forward. By pulsing the brakes at an incredible rate, you can actually slow down faster.

Here’s how it works:

  • Speed Sensors determine when your wheels are about to lock.
  • Valves open pressure from the master cylinder, causing the brake to work.
  • A pump reduces and reapplies pressure to the brakes, causing them to pulse.
  • A controller is the computer component, carefully measuring each aspect of the process.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has performed several tests to prove that anti-lock brakes, when used properly, do reduce the stopping distance. That’s why most modern cars come with ABS – if your car doesn’t, think twice about buying.

Mitsubishi Community College Scholarship Helps with Education in Illinois

The Mitsubishi Motors USA Foundation recently partnered with a local dealer in Normal, Illinois to help develop a scholarship. This scholarship is designed to benefit graduates of students in the area, encouraging them to attend the Heartland Community College.

This scholarship is just one more way Mitsubishi aims at giving back. Although it’s not as large as some of Mitsubishi’s other philanthropic efforts, the Mitsubishi Community College scholarship will enable 15 students to attend the local college, an award of over $52,000 dollars total.

“Mitsubishi holds family and citizenship as core values and has a longstanding history of supporting the local community,” said Don Swearingen, executive vice president, Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. “MMNA believes charitable giving to organizations is important to the health and well-being of the community and is part of our obligation as good corporate citizens.”

Five students at three local high schools will be awarded the scholarships for Heartland Community College. There will be three $500 and two $1000 scholarships each year, leading to a total of 75 over five years.