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How to Check Your Coolant

When you become a car owner, it can be quite overwhelming to figure out everything that you have to do to keep your car maintained. One thing that many people forget, or don’t know how, to do is check their fluids. That’s why today we’re going to go over how to check your coolant. It’s easy.

  • Start by identifying your expansion tank. If you are unsure of what this is, check for the location in your vehicle handbook. Follow any vehicle-specific advice that they give.
  • Check your levels. Your coolant should be in between the min/max lines on the sides of the expansion tank.
  • As you’re checking your coolant levels, have a look at any of the hoses that you can see. If you see any wet or stained hoses, you may need to have your car looked at.
  • If you need to fill your coolant, wait until your engine is cold. If the engine is hot, it could result in a release of hot liquid.
  • Ensure that you’re using the right type of coolant.

If you follow these five simple steps, you will have no issue in refilling your coolant. Good luck, and ask an expert if you are ever unsure of what you’re doing.

Preparing Your Car to Have a Baby on Board

baby on board

Baby on Board

You’re all set for the big arrival. The baby’s room is done and you bought that family-friendly SUV (maybe a Mitsubishi Outlander?). But what else goes into preparing your vehicle to have a baby on board? Here are some quick tips.

Buy an Approved Car Seat

There are lots of rules and regulations about having a baby ride in the car. All infants and toddlers should ride facing the rear until they are at least two years old.

Get a Window Shade

You don’t want that hot, burning sun to beat down on your baby’s sensitive skin! Get a window shade or, if you haven’t bought that new family hauler yet, consider investing in privacy glass.

De-Clutter and Invest in a Cargo Blind

If you don’t have a separate trunk, having a mess sitting around in your cargo area can be a hazard. Clean it up and look into options for separating the rear seat from the cargo area for more safety.

Get Up to Date on Service

You should be doing this anything to keep your vehicle safe and to help it last longer, but it’s even more important when you have a baby on the way.

Pack Baby Essentials in the Car

Wipes, diapers, bottles—anything you can think of that the baby might need on the road. Having a baby on board makes getting from Point A to Point B slightly more complicated.

How to Maintain a New Car

maintain a new car

Keep Your Car Looking New

There is something so nice about driving off the dealer lot in a brand-new car. Everyone always mentions the “new car smell,” but your vehicle is also untainted by debris and the wear-and-tear of time. You might want to maintain a new car so that it keeps that new look and feel all year long. But how would one go about accomplishing such a feat? Follow these tips to keep your new car new for as long as possible.

Invest in protective accessories and maintain the paintwork

Keeping up with your vehicle’s exterior paint can make a big difference in prolonging your car’s good looks. Accessories like weather shields and headlamp protectors help preserve the exterior as well.

Keep up with scheduled maintenance

This one’s common sense, but most people are guilty of skipping this step. Routine preventative maintenance keeps your powertrain running smoothly.

Use the right fuel and watch your mileage

Read the owner’s manual for fuel specifications and make sure you drive smoothly and carefully for improved fuel economy.

Protect your vehicle from the sun

Direct sunlight can fade the interior, so use a sun shade or try to park in shaded areas.

Clean your car regularly

Proper cleaning and care prevents a build-up of dirt and grime—not just on the exterior, but in the under-carriage, too.


If you didn’t know how to maintain a new car before this, hopefully these tips give you a good place to start. Good luck with your brand-new ride!

Road Trip Time: 5 Great Driving Destinations for Your Mitsubishi Mirage

driving destinations for your Mitsubishi Mirage

For as affordable (under $15,000) and fuel-efficient (over 40 mpg) as the Mitsubishi Mirage is, owning this five-door compact car leaves you a lot of extra cash for travelling. The best thing to do in your Mirage—especially if you’ve purchased the redesigned 2017 model—is to take a road trip. Here are some great driving destinations for your Mitsubishi Mirage.

  • State park: Travel through beautiful scenery by looking for your nearest forest or park. Spend a day hiking and bring a picnic lunch.
  • Local speedway: Head out into the open country in search of a local dirt or paved race track that holds races on nights or weekends. Leave your Mirage in the parking lot while you enjoy the show!
  • Flea market: Do some second-hand shopping by taking your Mirage to an outdoor market and loading the trunk up with unique treasures.
  • Beach: Grab your swimsuits and drive along the coast of a body of water. When you see a public beach, pull over and dig your feet in the sand!
  • Orchard: Get away from the busy city and find a farm that allows you to pick seasonal fruits and vegetables. Bring back baskets of items you can eat on your drive home.

How to Remove Scratches From Your Car

How to Remove Scratches
We hope your car doesn’t look this bad.

No matter where you go or what you do, you’re bound to get a scratch in your car. It doesn’t matter where you get it. Once you see the scratch, you can’t forget about. One option is to head to a professional to have the scratch removed, but that can get costly. Here’s how to remove scratches quickly from us here at Heritage Mitsubishi.

You’ll need to investigate the scratch before you can fix it. Start by dragging your fingernail over the mark. If your nail gets caught, the scratch could be too deep to fix with a do-it-yourself method.

Once you’ve determined the depth of the scratch, it’s time to do the prep work. Clean in and around the scratch thoroughly. Any dirt or grime left behind will end up in your paint. That could become a worse problem than the scratch itself.

To get rid of the scratch, grab a tube of toothpaste and a damp rag. Add a few dabs of toothpaste to the rag and rub in small circular motions, Karate Kid-style. Depending on the depth of the scratch, it could only take a minute or two for it to disappear. To check, simply lift the rag. Once you’re satisfied with the result, there’s nothing else to do. It’s as easy as that!

How to Change a Car Tire

Change a Car Tire

Knowing how to change a car tire is essential to anyone driving on the highway. Even if you have roadside assistance, you can often switch out a flat tire for your spare before help arrives. It’s a pretty simple process, no matter how challenging it may seem. All you need is a jack, a wrench, a spare tire, and your owner’s manual. We here at Heritage Mitsubishi know the simplest way to change a car tire!

  1. Pull off to the side of the road. Straight, level roadways are ideal
  2. Pop off your hubcap and loosen each lug nut. Don’t remove them altogether and leave the car on the ground. You may need the leverage.
  3. Jack up the car about half a foot. Consult your owner’s manual to see where the jack should be placed on your particular vehicle.
  4. Remove the lug nuts and keep them in a secure place so you don’t lose them.
  5. Remove the flat tire by pulling straight away from the car.
  6. Line up your spare tire with the lug nut posts then push the tire in as far as it will go.
  7. Replace the bolts but don’t tighten them just yet.
  8. Lower the car to the ground.
  9. Tighten the lug nuts, replace the hubcap, and you’re done!

How to Jump Start a Car

Jump Start a Car

24/7 roadside assistance comes standard with most new vehicle purchases these days, and that leaves a decently-sized knowledge gap. While roadside assistance can be nice, more often than not you can perform the maintenance yourself before help arrives. Jump starting a car is one of the easier do-it-yourself maintenance tasks. If you don’t know how, don’t fret. We here at Heritage Mitsubishi know the fastest way to jump start a car!

  1. Start off by identifying the battery terminals and jumper cables. The positive terminals and cables are red while the negative terminals and cables are black.
  2. Attach one end of the positive (red) cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery. Attach the other end to the positive terminal of the live battery.
  3. Attach one end of the negative (black) cable to the live battery’s negative terminal.
  4. The other end of the negative cable attaches to an unpainted piece of metal beneath the hood. Jumping posts and unpainted engine bolts are perfect spots.
  5. Make sure the cables are secure and start the car with the live battery. Let it idle for a few minutes.
  6. Try starting the car with the dead battery. If it starts, let both cars idle. If it doesn’t, wait a few more minutes and try again.
  7. Once both cars are running, disconnect the cables in the opposite order you attached them.

Three Car-Related Attractions Worth the Drive

Summer may be coming to a close, but it’s not too late to pack up the family and get one last trip in before cold weather settles in. We’ve put together some of our favorite car-related attractions that are well worth the road trip.

  1. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Tour and Museum. This track has been host to the classic Indy 500 since 1911. Hop on a Grounds Tour for a complete tour of the facility. Tour the oval track and stand on the famous “Yard of Bricks” at the start/finish line, enjoy a visit to the media center, the garage area, the victory platform, the Pagoda, the Gasoline Alley hospitality suite, and finish with a visit to the museum.
  2. Chevy Test Track at Disney’s Epcot in Florida. Create your very own virtual vehicle, and then put it to the test in a virtual simulator. In the simulator, you’ll control your vehicle as it navigates a number of terrains and environments. When you’re done, check out your car’s performance score.
  3. Pink Jeep Tours and Off-Roading in Sedona, Arizona. Choose your adventure: red rock formations or archaeological sites? Canyons or ancient ruins? You will enjoy the thrill of discovering Arizona’s pristine deserts in an open-air Jeep Wrangler tour for up to three hours.

Here at Heritage Mitsubishi, we want to know: what are your favorite car-themed attractions? Tell us in the comments.

Best Road Trip Games to Entertain Children

best road trip games

Have you ever felt the need to get away from it all and packed your vehicle full of suitcases and kids, only to realize 15 minutes into the trip that if you don’t find some way to entertain these children that you might pull your hair out?

Well, many people have been in that same situation and have found that playing a few simple road trip games can make the trip much more pleasant. Here are three games that could help pass time on that next road trip:

  • Name that tune. This game can be played in a variety of ways. The game’s name kind of takes away from its mystery, but you can either whistle or hum a tune, but choose a theme before you start to narrow the choices, then go around in a circle, taking turns guessing until somebody names the correct song. If you guess right, then you get to choose and perform the next melody.
  • Slug-a-Bug. This game is as simple as it gets. The person that spots the most Volkswagen Beetles in a certain amount of time wins! In the old days, whenever you spotted a Beetle, then you earned the right to punch the person sitting next to you, but we don’t condone violence here at Heritage Mitsubishi. So maybe instead of throwing punches, whoever spots the most Beetles earns the right to choose the next game. Also, since you’re changing the rules already, maybe you could try spotting 2016 Mitsubishi Outlanders instead of Beetles, but that’s only our suggestion.
  • License plate games. The rules of this game vary depending on the age of your occupants, but one way to play is to see who can spot the most out-of-state license plates. Participants have to find their own plates and can’t use plates from vehicles that others have already spotted. Another way to play is to use the letters from the plates to see who can spot every letter of the alphabet first.

If you have any other suggestions for the best road trip games, then we would enjoy hearing about them in the comment’s section below this blog post.

Safe Driving: How to Handle Driving on Wet Terrain

Driving on wet terrain

Just because it isn’t necessarily uncommon to drive in the rain doesn’t mean we shouldn’t exercise caution each time we do. According to AAA, wet pavement plays a factor in over 1 million auto accidents each year. As we’re in the middle of those spring months during which wet roads seem more normal than not, we at Heritage Mitsubishi wanted to take a few moments to discuss how we should react when driving on wet terrain.

  1. Slow down. You knew we were going to say it; we couldn’t not. Speed plays a large factor in motor vehicle accidents. As the driver, speed helps determine whether you will have enough time to react to a slippery situation, and slowing down can potentially prevent the vehicle from slipping altogether. We also recommend you avoid using cruise control during rainy weather.
  2. Don’t slam on your brakes. Despite your natural reaction to tense and stomp on the brakes, stay as calm and relaxed as possible so you can focus your attentions on where you want to go. If your vehicle begins to hydroplane or skid, continue to look and steer in the direction you want to go. Slowly and steadily apply the brakes and let your vehicle’s anti-lock braking system do its job.
  3. Take it one step at a time. If your vehicle begins to skid along the waterlogged asphalt, perform one task at a time. You don’t want to brake and turn and panic at the same time. First, begin to slowly brake as we mentioned earlier. Second, you’ll want to begin calmly turning your vehicle, if necessary, in the direction you want to go. You will want to take a deep breath and keep the panicking to an absolute minimum.

For more information on preparing your vehicle to drive during the season of showers, contact our service department. We wish you happy and safe trails, whether the sun is shining or the rain clouds are rolling overhead.