How to Change a Car Tire

Change a Car Tire

Knowing how to change a car tire is essential to anyone driving on the highway. Even if you have roadside assistance, you can often switch out a flat tire for your spare before help arrives. It’s a pretty simple process, no matter how challenging it may seem. All you need is a jack, a wrench, a spare tire, and your owner’s manual. We here at Heritage Mitsubishi know the simplest way to change a car tire!

  1. Pull off to the side of the road. Straight, level roadways are ideal
  2. Pop off your hubcap and loosen each lug nut. Don’t remove them altogether and leave the car on the ground. You may need the leverage.
  3. Jack up the car about half a foot. Consult your owner’s manual to see where the jack should be placed on your particular vehicle.
  4. Remove the lug nuts and keep them in a secure place so you don’t lose them.
  5. Remove the flat tire by pulling straight away from the car.
  6. Line up your spare tire with the lug nut posts then push the tire in as far as it will go.
  7. Replace the bolts but don’t tighten them just yet.
  8. Lower the car to the ground.
  9. Tighten the lug nuts, replace the hubcap, and you’re done!

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